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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Thought

[Q| So I was walking by Julliard earlier, and noticed a sign saying So-and-So Drama Theater.
That got me thinking... what other kind of theaters are there besides "drama"? Comedy? Melodrama!
The Jonathan Q. Mellow Drama Theater!
Now I'm sitting on top of the Hudson River on a pier looking south. To my left is a line of Trump high highrises, slowly marching south towards 59th Street. In exchange for developing the shoreline into parkland, Trump gets to develop what was once railyards and shipping docks. Win-win, as the City gets parks, Trump gets to build a string of highrise luxury buildings AND use the park across the street as an amenity.
As I was crossing Riverside Boulevard to get to the park, I looked both ways for traffic (nonexistent) and noticed the line of buildings, one after the other, with a construction site at the end.
"Hmm... reminds me of Las Vegas Boulevard. They should call this 'The Strip'."

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