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Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday In New York

[Q| Three days, $120, twenty movies, 45 hours... not unlike a comicbook convention.

We start with Oliver! and end with Tommy.

Oliver!... Ah, the good old days, when movies had intermissions and overtures sans pictures. I was a bit sceptical about this Best Picture, but was won over with the first big musical number in the London markets. Enjoyable, but needs to be seen in a movie palace.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was the biggest disappointment. Overrated. What did the title have to do with the story? There was no song with that title. And... Piggy was going to let MM rot in jail, after stealing the tiara back from her... but then he owns a diamond mine in apartheid South Africa, so his morals are probably rawther questionable...

An American In Paris was the most popular movie, although all films had decent audiences. I napped during the concert fantasy, but a large coffee got me through the rest of the day. The required Gene Kelly Dance Fantasy was too long, but Leslie Caron... le sigh...

On The Town has some interesting similarities to Hair. Hair has a better soundtrack (best part: draft center), but also some anachronisms (set in 1967ish, shot in 1978ish) like the Citicorp Building in the establishing shot of New York. Lots of great actors in the backgrounds.

The marathon ended with Tommy, an actual opera.. Interesting design and cinematography, but the Who knew Jack Nicholson could sing?

Overall, a good selection of musicals. I hear the Bye Bye Birdie is playing downtown, so I might add that as a coda.

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