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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Taking A Greyhound

So... I just posted #50* Yay.
* Some multiparts, some continuations.

I tried attening some panels, but started to zone out. Some Mountain Dew, some snack food, and wandering the dealer's room kept me awake.

Met some cool people, bought a few books, and just relaxed. One of the last tables was Fantagraphics, where Miss Lasky-Gross was signing alongside Paul Karasnik. Next to her was a partition doorway, slightly ajar. Since the neighboring ballrooms had been booked by the Maryland Teen USA organization, I peaked inside and saw...

Two banquet tables, used. Nobody in the room. It looked like it had been used for a meeting. Next to the doorway, a buffet, containing club sandwiches, pickles, wraps, and soda. I liberated the plate of sandwiches, with others making forays afterwards.

A mighty roar erupted at Six when the closing was announced. By Six Thirty I was on the Metro, with the Bolt Bus at Eight Thirty. Sharing a seat with a comics colleague. Hopefully home by One.

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