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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


To end the cliffhanger, I talked to the right person, and got my bonafides just before the Saturday night dinner. Sunday, breakfast Q&A and then lots of talking with exhibitors.

An interesting question from the nice ladies of Random House: What is the most valuable graphic novel? While I didn't know, I hypothesized that the Graphitti signed & numbered slipcased edtion of Watchen would be, even though I have never seen one for sale. Later, I spoke with the founder of Graphitti, and he provided more information. The book contained an original piece of artwork by Dave Gibbons, showing Rorschack reading his journal. However, while this edition was being produced, Alan Moore ended his relationship with DC Comics. Only 150 copies were completed, with the stock being distrbuted among the participating parties. The projected price would have been $100, compared to the $50 price of the regular edition.

Other rare volumes: hardcover Miracleman; Jeff Smith's first book, collecting his "Thorn" strips from Ohio State; Marvel hardcovers from Simon & Schuster.

A great four days, even with the uncertainty. More to follow.

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