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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amazon Failure, continued

[Q| 4) Support your local libraries. Yes, they are run by the government. However, both the government (via laws) and libraries (laws and procedures) have strict guidelines regarding the selection, distribution, and removal of information. (Google: FOIA)

Librarians are avid bibliophiles, and want every book in the library to be used. If you find a deficiency in the collection, talk to the branch librarian. Recommend titles. Donate books. Include reviews from library and publishing journals. (Most libraries use reviews as their primary selection tool.) Let other demographic communities know that the library now stocks books which appeal to their interest (GLBT, graphic novels, loom weaving).

Librarians track circulation figures, and if they see a specific subject (like graphic novels) circulating, they'll be able to show demand, grab some funding, and add more titles to the collection, thus fulfilling the goals of serving the community.

Yes, the books might be challenged by others. However, most libraries have a writtten procedure, and news media will most likely publicize the challenge. At which point, organizations choose which side to favor, public discussions are held, and decisions are made. This causes a reaction, and proactivity ensues as organizations push for change.

I work for Barnes & Noble. I do not speak for them, as they pay good money to professionals who do. The opinions expressed here are my own, and I alone am responsible for them.

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