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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Greetings, Fellow Readers! (Gobble Gobble One Of Us)

[Q | This typo-graphic denotes my typing an entry on my Palm Treo cellphone, via the Blogger website. (Dunno how to differentiate from stuff sent via the Blogger cellphone service. I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.) The graphic is meant to evoke a desktop rotary-dial phone. The Q is used to remind antiquaries of the dial, including the all important finger stop. (I would not be surprised if someone has re-engineered such a phone for texting, but one look and I wonder, why not use the handset on top and type out Morse code? (Not to be confused with Morris Code, used by cat fanciers (Stay away from him, Tommy... He fancies cats!), or Maurice Koad, shortstop for the Ralston Anklebiters, who utilized every scorecard notation then known in one game (four at bats), in what is now known as a "score koad" game.)

Anyways... I have thought it would be cool to take an old wall 1970s phone headset (the kind with the light up number keys), add a small red LED readout, and turn it into a cell phone. OR... get one of those old big brick phone radios used in the Vietnam war and rework that. The battery would probably last a week (and I could probably add a crank charger.)

Well... that should be enough to test. Thanks for reading!

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