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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More From the Archives

Here's a project from Seventh Grade art class.

I think the assignment was to fill a sheet of graph paper with various designs, and then the art teacher could choose some for enlargement or something. Or maybe she just wanted us to fill the paper, and then graded the designs. The paper was cheap construction paper...pulpy but practical. The drawing was in pencil, and the teacher made selections with a red marker. (The dots on the paper were the ones she liked.) The graph paper was not cut exactly, so the far left squares were only about three-quarters of the regular square. I filled them in anyway. Readers will notice that stencils were used on some of the squares. I had a six-inch plastic ruler from some cereal box. The ends were keyed so that rulers could be attached end to end.

I enjoyed art class in the Seventh and Eighth Grades. I had to give that up to concentrate on my college prep classes... I probably should have continued studying art.

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