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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Treasure From The Archives

I'm back home for the holidays, and spent a few hours today rearranging my vast collection of comics, toys, and other miscellany. I guess you could say I'm celebrating Christmas early, as I open boxes sealed years ago, rediscover stuff I didn't know I had, and enjoy the stuff I knew I had but didn't know where it was.

Here's a nice surprise from 1989, from Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

That "Army fairy" (don't ask, don't tell?) is "Grogan". And, NO, he's not kicking Wellington" (the dog) in the balls. I've watched A LOT of Warner Brothers cartoons, but do not recognize and can find no information on Grogan. Or Wellington. Or that kinda cute "Red" located above the Three Bops.

Many years ago, I attended a "Space Jam" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, and the director (producer? writer?) stated that every Warner Brothers cartoon character had a cameo in the movie. Not too hard to do, when the bleachers can be filled with characters.

The artwork is a bit off model (Hippity Hopper looks like Jimmy Durante). Also, there are some characters which I do not believe have ever been in a theatrical short (Petunia's nephew, Cicero? Honey

No Coal Black, (WB's "Song of the South), although Inki and Baby Owl are shown. No Michigan J. Frog, no Pete Puma. Perhaps those cartoons are not part of the package offered here. Perhaps MJF was working as the WB spokesperson, and was not available. Perhaps Pete Puma was considered derogatory. (But then why Slowpoke Rodriguez?)

Here's the key to the entire poster.


  1. Honey Bunny is a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny, created in 1950's by Robert McKimson. The most known versions of her are yellow one (appeared in comic stories) and gray Bugs-like one (appeared in merchandise). She was planned to be put in Space Jam, however, they decided to update her to Lola. Lola shares plenty of common features with comics version of Honey Bunny.

  2. If you're interested, you may visit an unofficial Honey Bunny fanpage on Facebook to get more knowledge about her:

  3. There's a whole website dedicated to Honey Bunny: it contains a full biography of Bugs Bunny's girlfriend, comic stories and a gallery of collectibles, sericels, etc. Lots of interesting stuff!