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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Razza Fracken...

God is laughing...

I figure... let's go to
the Library of the Performing Arts, where I can reserve a computer for 45 minutes. I'll go through my old floppy disks, and cull some old files which I can post here.

Guess what? None of the terminals here have floppy drives. USB, DVD-RW... no problem. Floppies? Ancient history. Now I know they have some old Edison cylinders in the collection, not to mention vinyl (both
Edison and RCA), magnetic tapes of various widths and tracks, and probably even some old player piano scrolls and a few music boxes. Probably almost all of that has been digitized for mass consumption, but if I want to do it, it looks like I'll have to go over to Kinko's and rent a computer for $18/hour. Or use my desktop at work.

Que Sera Sera, as Doris Day would say...

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