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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars, Part 2

What's with the sunglasses? Is that Robert Downey Jr.? Screenplay... nicely presented.
original: Hurt Locker

The mike melts into the floor! Nice!

Who's with Matthew Broderick? Molly Ringwald? Nice appreciation of John Hughes. Woulda been classy to segue into the Memoriam feature.

Up Best Picture promo.


Whoa... some dresses! Short Film? Animated: Logorama... not a surprise.
short documentary: Music by Prudence. Man... that's what it's all about. Biggest night of hos life, and he's enjoying it! And Prudence is there!
Live Action Short: New Tenants

Heh... Ben Stiller. Makeup... of course. Star Trek. (thought so)

serious man promo

Bathroom break.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Push. Cool. He's overcome... Saphire is there too. Nice.

Queen Latifah? What's this? Governor Awards. Will that be broadcast?

Robin Williams. BSActress. Mo'nique. It seems that the color line has been erased at the Oscars.

An Education promo.


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