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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ready for My Long Shot

Nice opening with the nomines... escorted off by their seat warmers. Holy... Neil Patrick Harris! Steve Martin becoming Jack Benny? And Steve Baldwin looks squished.... bad tailor? Knocking em dead in the aisles!

Heh... Avatar jokes.

No lectern!

BSActor... on screen captions would be nice... Inglorious Basterds.

Blind Side commercial. and regular commercial. what goes on in the auditorium while TV goes to commercial?

An ipad commercial? Why?

Nice Sonata ad.

And we're back. Who's the blonde with Steve Carell?

Oh man! Best Animated Feature! Nicely done. No surprize. Up.

Oscar... kinda looks like The Gimp when the face is in shadow.

Original Song... nicely done... show is moving quickly. Miley Cyrus forgot to put on her top. upset... no Disney win. Crazy Heart.

Ten Best Pics... difficult to fit all in. District 9 is next.

And commercials and bathroom.

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