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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'll Be On My Way...

[Q| It's been more than a month since my last post, and realize I need an entry for September.

So... I am on the 7 AM Bolt Bus ($19) to DC. We just entered the Lincoln Tunnel, and should arrive in my nation's capital in 4.5 hours.

I booked the 7:30 bus, but they let me on early. (Just left the tunnel, on the helix.) Found an aisle seat, fourth row back, the window seat occupied by an attractive brunette who I will politely not bother.

So... why D.C.? Isn't the (toll plaza) New York Anime Festival this weekend? Yes, it is, but the Small Press Expo is also this weekend. I missed MoCCA Fest this year (was in Italy), I haven't been in years, and I'm not that big a fan of anime. $38 for the bus, $33 for a bed at the youth hostel, and payday yesterday makes it all possible. (Exit 15E)

I bought The Year's Best American Comics 2009 yesterday, and read a few selections... I dunno... I like the series, am glad it exists, but so much is just...blah. I love good comics, but these stories just don't resonate. Maybe I never developed that literary criticism skill. (Exit 13A) Maybe I like more story, more plot.

No corporate comics in this volume. Not even in the Honorary Mentions. (The book is not on the bus, so I may be mistaken.) No Minx, and I wonder if many "Best of" stories made the book. And how many award winners?

R. Crumb's The Book of Genesis is engaging, and, well, reverent towards the source material. He does include the genealogies, I think partly because the Bible does, and he needs to pad the book. The naughty bits are tastefully rendered with the occasional breast, and Crumb practices his trademark pulchritude with a bit of restraint. I have read up to the death of Sarah, and learned some things not usually covered in Bible study.

Will Crumb do more? Uncertain. I do hope he will at least adapt specific stories, as his everyday style and storytelling talent is ideally suited to the subject matter. (buffer reached, just passed Milboro water tower)

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