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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Be Our Guest

[Q| Checkin at the hostel was quick, noticed some new buildings in the neighborhood, then took the Metro to White Flint.

The Metro has strip lighting on the platform edge which flash when a train is approaching. What was once white is now a cherry red, and with the subdued lighting gives the underground an ominous atmosphere.

My mischievous mind then concocted a tale to tell gullible tourists: The color denotes the current terrorist threat levels. With the arrests in Denver and Dallas, it is currently RED. If the lights begin to flash, then an emergency has been declared, and we should listen for an announcement!

Tonight, it is raining, so I am dining at the Marriott restaurant. I just noticed that the burgundy napkin is an exact duplicate of the napkins I once folded at the Omaha Marriot back in '87.

Just finished some babyback ribs. The menu advertised fork-tender meat, yet I had to perform major surgery with a fork and knife. Not worth the trouble or price. Nice restaurant otherwise... spacious, lively, nice decor.

More soon... need to share my discoveries...

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