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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fly Me!

For those who wonder...
18th and Fifth to Newark Airport train station: one hour.
Airport through security: one hour.

Continental charges $20 to check luggage. I could have lugged my 35 pound backpack through security and then checked it at the gate. However, my toiletries are hostile, so I paid the money. I doubt they refund the money if it is lost or delayed.

HOWEVER... Continental does not charge a fee if I check it at the gate. So... Continental is encouraging fliers to carry on oversized luggage, which causes overcrowding in the overhead bins. (Most people do not store bags under the seat... no legroom, and if the bag is that small, there's got to be space overhead, right?)

I can tell by eyeballing walkies, that they would not pass the cram test. (Those metal your-bag-must-be-smaller-than-these-measurements cages.)

What would I suggest? Every carry on must be lasered for dimensions, and given a tag certifying said scanning. If too large or too heavy, the bag must be checked. Passengers can sidestep check-in by paying a $100 fee to carry the luggage on board. Checked baggage is free, unless the luggage is overweight or of strange dimensions (skis, bicycles, steamer trunks).

Hmm... still waiting to board a Nine O'Clock flight...and it's 8:40. Google search says the plane landed hours ago... so why the wait? It is a direct flight, so no worries about connecting flights.

Gonna finish this for now...

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