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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Free Comics! Introduction

Much discussion has occurred online over comics being converted into digital e-books.

Well, over on Amazon and, publishers have been offering previews of regular books for the past five years or so. A few publishers have also begun to offer actual e-books which can be downloaded to e-readers, cellphones, and computers.

So... I will feature a few here, courtesy of (I like their reader more than Amazon's, and since I have an account there, I can sometimes read the ENTIRE book when I log on.) Yes, I work for them, but I'm not doing this as an employee, just as a professional Seducer of the Innocent, letting other fans enjoy some comics they might not realize they might enjoy.

If you click through on the links below, I will not earn anything from I'm not on their affiliate network, and they'd probably look sideways at me if I sold books for them 9 to 5, then sold books again online.

Yeah, I'm doing this out of shear love for the medium of comics and graphic novels. Of course, if you DO appreciate this service I provide, my BN wishlist is available here.

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