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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Free Comics! From Neil Gaiman

Okay... here's a few to get your juices flowing.

Let's start with the Patron Saint of Graphic Novels. (Yes, I know he's Jewish. Yes, I know Will Eisner has a claim to that title as well. Yes, I know he was Jewish as well. Okay okay... Mr. Gaiman is one of the 36 unselfish people who keep comics going. Happy?)

Coraline (Graphic Novel) by Neil Gaiman: Book CoverSee Inside!

Coraline (Graphic Novel) by Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell (Illustrator), Lovern Kindzierski (Illustrator)
List price
(Hardcover - Graphic Novel Edition)
(Hmmm.... the view pops up, but nothing is visible past the front cover! Even the page slider, at the bottom, which shows thumbnails, shows blank pages. Perhaps HarperCollins has removed the images? Most everything else from Gaiman's HarperCollins catalog is available for preview.
HarperCollins has a functional preview here. 38 pages!)

Cover ImageSee Inside!

Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman, Charles Vess (Illustrator)
List price:
(Thirteen pages available to all, fifteen with account)

List price: $18.99
(Thirteen pages available to all, sixteen with account)

List price: $17.99
(Ten pages for everyone, twelve with account)

Cover ImageSee Inside!

Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman, Dave Mckean (Illustrator) , Dave McKean (Illustrator)
Online price:
(Only the cover! Hardcover is the same. HarperCollins has a preview here. Fourteen pages! Heh..."Browse inside the Wolves in the Wall...)

Cover ImageSee Inside!

Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman, Dave Mckean (Illustrator) , Dave McKean (Illustrator)
List price:
(Cover only! HarperCollins has a preview available here. Sixteen pages!)

(Oh. It's a novelization of the comicbooks. Should have known better... DC doesn't post previews on

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