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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Forgotten TV Lyrics: The Bill Cosby Show: Hicky Burr

"Hicky Burr", the theme to The Bill Cosby Show, words by Bill Cosby, music by Quincy Jones, with vocalization by Bill Cosby.

Many people have forgotten that Quincy Jones wrote a lot of movie soundtracks, as well as many TV themes.  From Wikipedia:
In addition, he composed "The Streetbeater," which became familiar as the theme music for the television sitcom Sanford and Son, starring close friend Redd Foxx; he also composed the themes for other TV shows, including IronsideBanacekThe Bill Cosby Show, the opening episode of Roots, and the Goodson & Todman game show Now You See It.
(I'll get to those eventually...)

This series didn't last long... two seasons. I remember it being on cable, but it never kept my seemed strange in the way it presented the story.

You can find the song on Quincy Jones' record, Smackwater Jack, which also contains the theme to "Ironside", as well as "Theme from "The Anderson Tapes", a movie which is mostly forgotten, but which has an amazing cast, and a few historical footnotes attached!

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