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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: First Quarter

(Rocky Mountain News' Drew Litton posts an editorial here about the importance of newspapers.)
(oops... not a good way to start the game...)
Hidden camera bud light  Ian rappaport...  hmmm.... to be continued?

World is full of giants,,,  Godzilla?  Ghibli Maserati?  A good ad, well written, intriguing.
Doritos time machine!  HA!

Chevy truck "most eligible bachelor".   HA!

Movie...  Need for Speed.  yawn...

National Holiday....  Prom... hahahahaah  TurboTax holiday.

Still not feeling "The Strain".
But "Noah as action hero" is intriguing.  (That was in the pregame.)
Bud light continues...   llama!  ha!  Don Cheadle.  "...under the weather."  twins...  Tiny tennis.  Lilli.  Arnold Schwarzenegger in a wig.  Wow.  amazing.

animals.  weird.    Goldilocks.    beats music.    AT&T.  Ellen DeGeneres.  heh.
U2.  Nice cinematography.  Red.  Bank of America.

Bodyguard.  "save the day.  Hyundai Genesis.

Historic sands...  daytona 500.  meh.

NFL Now.  okay...
Cheerios.  Mixed-family.  Baby brother.  and a puppy.  hee.

okay... weird...  wtf.    what the web will be  squarespace.   hmmm

radio shack.  the 80s called!   hahahahaha!  holy shit....   I recognize all of those people!   AWESOME!  Totally Awesome!

8-0 Seattle quarter over.

Chevy.  World Cancer Day.   *sniffle*

GoDaddy!  Yes, Gwen!  Live on TV!

Not the ad...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  hmm.
COSMOS!  woo hoo!

Accord Sport.  meh.

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