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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Second Quarter

(Yes, this was a real comic book!  Full info and sample pages can be found here!)
Bud Light aluminum bottle.  So?  Who reseals a bottle of beer?  You gonna drink it later?

Tim Tebow "Without a Contract"   T-Mobile.  Nice.  Love the various "jobs"!

"you can't do that"  Weather Tech.  Nice.

Paramount.  Transformers.  *sigh*  dinosaurs?
VW  great!

Colbert pistachios
H+M    nice.    Wait...  GoDaddy can't show nudity, but H+M can? 
pistachios redux.  GREAT!

Spider-man 2   meh.
Car max  bear?   Slow clap.
Geico.  DMV.  heh.

M&Ms.  ew.

Two-minute warning...

America  in multiple languages...  Coca-Cola.    *sniffle*

Repeat ad from...  Sonos.

and what was that...  I blinked?
Muppets Toyota.  Highlander.  Nice music video.

Fritos Subway.  how many calories?  Fritos Chicken Enchillada.
22-0 Seahawks

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