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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Halftime

(This is the Host Committee logo.  The official NFL logo is the Lombardi Trophy with a local skyline behind, and the title below.)
Cure Auto Insurance.  Omaha!  meh.  local ad?

Vikings.  History Channel.

Bud Light Platinum.  yawn.

FiOS Quantum.  Ella Zander.  cute.   heh.  Doing the Sherman trash talk.  not bad...  15 second each?
Jeep halftime report.

Resless many...  Jeep.  Mostly men in this commercial.  Jeep Cherokee.
Seinfeld.  What?  Comedians in cars getting coffee.
Fox ads.
Nice intro to the Halftime show, with the landscape.  Nice lighting!  Have no idea Who Bruno Mars is.

wow.  Great drumming!    Motown style with Police sound.
I look down to post to Facebook.
I look up, and there are shirtless hooligans.  Wha happen?
Do they know it's the tenth anniversary of the "wardrobe malfunction"?
Fox house ad.
Dunkin Donuts
GoPro ad...  effective.

This was once my street.  Main Street.  Alex and ani?  huh?

mobile phone 1973. Mazda 3.   does it communicate the message?
Dunkin Donut.  "I love you".   meh

Jerry Ricecake.  NFL draft ad.  ha. 

Scientology ad.  Really?  So next year, expect all sorts of religious ads?

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