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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Third Quarter

NFL and football comics usually don't work too well...
But if you're curious, you can find them here!
Doberhuahua!  Audi A3.  wha? Funny ad, but what's the story?  Don't drive a hybrid?

Pink.  Quiet Riot.  Goldie Blox   Quick Books.  okay...

Tim Tebow.  Again.  ha! Doing his own stunts!  T-Mobile.

Axe Peace.   interesting.  but...

bear in a country store. Chobani.  hmm.
This quarter sponsored by Bud, so there will probably a Clydesdale ad soon.
Okay... here it is... the bizarre Kia Matrix ad.  I saw this earlier this week.  That's Turandot being sung.    The special effects are a dime-a-dozen.  Nothing like The Matrix.   meh.  What's the message?

Sprint.  ten people on the plan.  Band version.  Family version shown twice earlier.

If you're happy and you know it.  Heinz.  cute.  With a fart joke?
Bruce Willis.  HA!  Car safety.  Honda.  Fred.  Almost as awesome as Gwen!

Secret homecoming.  Budweiser.  Nice idea.  But the Canadian Hockey ad is still better.  It doesn't pull the heartstrings.
America.  True Cool.  legacy.  Detroit.  Bob Dylan.  um... I think Germany might have something to say about all this. Chrysler.
Local ads:
We can fix this.  NFL.  meh.
Toyota highlander.  BORING!  
Vampire.  TimeWarner cable.  Future is coming.  Meh.
End of Third Quarter.  36-8

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