Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars, Part 3

11 PM... shoulda been done by now.

Documentary Feature. The Cove... something's up... banner? heh... ABC cut the text message ad!

Another unknown... Film editing: Hurt Locker.

Promo for Hurt Locker

Quentin Tarantino and ??? Foreign Language Film: Argentina. The Secret In Their Eyes.

Promo for Avatar.

Best Actor. Wow... nice set! What's with the testimonials? Zzzz... too long Michelle....

Jeff Bridges. Crazy Heart.

Best Actress. [fifteen minutes later] Sandra Bullock Time is 11:50.

Barbra Streisand! Looking pretty good. Best Director. Hurt Locker. Kathryn Bigelow.

Tom Hanks. Best Picture. Hurt Locker. Six total. It might be the lowest grossing BP on record.

And that's a wrap.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars Part 3

10 PM.... one hour to go...
HEY ABC! Program the Oscars like the Super Bowl! Pregame. Red carpet 6:30-6:30. Oscars from 7:30 to 11 ET. Move Barbara Walters to the week before. Two or three specials, maybe some specials on special effects. handicapping the major categories.

Avatar for art direction.

Hey, Phylis Diller is presenting! Oh, excuse me... Sarah Jessica Parker. Costume design. Ironic since Ms. Parker doesn't have great fashion sense. Young Victoria wins, and the winner upstages her with a classy glamourous look!

Precious promo. What's on her dress, Is that the underwire for the dress, on the outside?

Orchestra... Best Score? Heh... funny film.

Nice dress. Horror appreciation. Wow... they hit eveything!

Nice intro to Sound. Hurt Locker for both editing and mixing.

Nice dress whoever she is.

Tech awards promo

Glorious Basterd promo.

Speeding things up? No frills no noms for Cinematography. Avatar. Wow. The cinematography was in a computer!

Best Score? Nope.. In Memoriam. Roy Disney? Horton Foote? Quite a loss... So much talent. Yet it is all cuaght on film, in front and behind. I hope there is a webpage at the Academy with bios. So often we don't know those behind the camera.

Who's the hipster with J-Lo? Best score. Break damcing to Sherlock Holmes? Hurt Locker? Shades of Saving Private Ryan! Fantastic Mr. Fox... Up.... oh man... I'm on the floor! Avatar. Nice staging. well, the audience liked it.

Up wins. What are the pins the Pixar folks are wearing?

Two unknowns... visual effects. Avatar. easy pick.

Up in the Air promo.

Oscars, Part 2

What's with the sunglasses? Is that Robert Downey Jr.? Screenplay... nicely presented.
original: Hurt Locker

The mike melts into the floor! Nice!

Who's with Matthew Broderick? Molly Ringwald? Nice appreciation of John Hughes. Woulda been classy to segue into the Memoriam feature.

Up Best Picture promo.


Whoa... some dresses! Short Film? Animated: Logorama... not a surprise.
short documentary: Music by Prudence. Man... that's what it's all about. Biggest night of hos life, and he's enjoying it! And Prudence is there!
Live Action Short: New Tenants

Heh... Ben Stiller. Makeup... of course. Star Trek. (thought so)

serious man promo

Bathroom break.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Push. Cool. He's overcome... Saphire is there too. Nice.

Queen Latifah? What's this? Governor Awards. Will that be broadcast?

Robin Williams. BSActress. Mo'nique. It seems that the color line has been erased at the Oscars.

An Education promo.


Ready for My Long Shot

Nice opening with the nomines... escorted off by their seat warmers. Holy... Neil Patrick Harris! Steve Martin becoming Jack Benny? And Steve Baldwin looks squished.... bad tailor? Knocking em dead in the aisles!

Heh... Avatar jokes.

No lectern!

BSActor... on screen captions would be nice... Inglorious Basterds.

Blind Side commercial. and regular commercial. what goes on in the auditorium while TV goes to commercial?

An ipad commercial? Why?

Nice Sonata ad.

And we're back. Who's the blonde with Steve Carell?

Oh man! Best Animated Feature! Nicely done. No surprize. Up.

Oscar... kinda looks like The Gimp when the face is in shadow.

Original Song... nicely done... show is moving quickly. Miley Cyrus forgot to put on her top. upset... no Disney win. Crazy Heart.

Ten Best Pics... difficult to fit all in. District 9 is next.

And commercials and bathroom.