Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Introducing.... Monet Comics #1 Page 1 "Haystacks"

Copyright 2015  Torsten Adair

How did I do this?
I used MS Excel for the panel borders, figuring out the halfway point between columns A and B.

Using the French Wikipedia page for the Haystacks, I copy-and-pasted the graphics onto the sheet, then meticulously scaled and positioned each painting so that it did not overlap the cell borders.  

Then I adjusted the cell height to match the paintings.  

As the paintings are not of the same dimensions or scale, I had to do a little "stretching of the canvas" to make them fit!

"Not comics!" you say?  Pishposh.  Monet painted these eight paintings sequentially, during the Summer and Fall of 1890.

For those interested, these eight paintings are W1266-W1273.  One was not found on the Wikipedia page, so I had to search online.