Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Taking A Greyhound

So... I just posted #50* Yay.
* Some multiparts, some continuations.

I tried attening some panels, but started to zone out. Some Mountain Dew, some snack food, and wandering the dealer's room kept me awake.

Met some cool people, bought a few books, and just relaxed. One of the last tables was Fantagraphics, where Miss Lasky-Gross was signing alongside Paul Karasnik. Next to her was a partition doorway, slightly ajar. Since the neighboring ballrooms had been booked by the Maryland Teen USA organization, I peaked inside and saw...

Two banquet tables, used. Nobody in the room. It looked like it had been used for a meeting. Next to the doorway, a buffet, containing club sandwiches, pickles, wraps, and soda. I liberated the plate of sandwiches, with others making forays afterwards.

A mighty roar erupted at Six when the closing was announced. By Six Thirty I was on the Metro, with the Bolt Bus at Eight Thirty. Sharing a seat with a comics colleague. Hopefully home by One.

A Pleasant Valley Sunday

On the Metro, excellent signal coverage!

I live in New York, and sleep with the window open. Most noises do not bother me. Last night, sleeping in a lower bunk, the creaks of the bunk would wake me. Finally, my bladder signalled, so I took a shower at Six, then ate a hearty and free continental breakfast.

SPX opens at Noon (to accomodate those who stayed up late), so I spent the morning on The Mall, then walked up 21st past the National Academy of Sciences. (I once seduced an old college flame at the Einstein Memorial, thereby establishing my Freak Geek cred.)

Once I reached New Hampshire, it led to Dupont Circle. Books-A-Million is now located where SuperCrown Books, my former employer once was. Nice layout, a little freaky... like returning to your childhood home but now someone else is living there.

Metro just reached Grosvenor, so more later.