Thursday, July 16, 2020

All the Wrong Reasons to Become a Librarian

A tip of the hat to the Library Think Tank - #ALATT on Facebook! 

1.The male:female student ratio was highest in those college classes.

(Except for my Modern Dance PE class. I was one of two men.)

2. Because smart women in glasses are my kryptonite.

3. Mister Rogers hero worship.

(Where else can you wear Chucks and a cardigan to work?)

4. Free access to the photocopier, and no lines.

5. It was the easiest way to get access to the restricted stacks.

6. Because the reference interview is the Socratic Method without the hemlock.

7. Two words: badge ribbons.


8. A predilection for rubber stamps.

9. I'm working off my overdue fines.

10. So I can be first on the holds list when the new Dog Man graphic novel hits the shelves.

11. I'm a pathological introvert, and this seemed like the perfect job to avoid interacting with other people.