Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Fourth Quarter

(If you're curious about this, go read the Wikipedia article!  I don't know how much input Steve Jobs had with this ad, but it singlehandedly changed how Madison Avenue viewed the Super Bowl.)
Coca-Cola football ad.   meh.  I was hoping for a call-out to Mean Joe Greene.  They couldn't have made him the groundskeeper?  Lost opportunity.  FAIL.   

Butterfinger.  Marriage counselor.  um... okay...
What is technology?  Microsoft?  *sniffle*

Nice ride.  Hyundai Elantra.  Huh?
Nice copyright notice, NFL!
All the villains are played by Brits.  HAH!  Jaguar.

Oikos!  Full House.  Heh!
T-Mobile.  heh.  minimum.
Soda stream.  ha.  Sex appeal.
What?  London?  24?   Live Another Day.
two minute warning.
Puppy escapee. Clydesdales.  meh. 
nice tits. waldrobe malfunction?  GoDaddy.
Doritos.  ha!
Ameican Idol.  nice teaser.
Hey... who started the tradition of Gatorade baptism?
And that's the game.  Seahawks.  43-8

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Third Quarter

NFL and football comics usually don't work too well...
But if you're curious, you can find them here!
Doberhuahua!  Audi A3.  wha? Funny ad, but what's the story?  Don't drive a hybrid?

Pink.  Quiet Riot.  Goldie Blox   Quick Books.  okay...

Tim Tebow.  Again.  ha! Doing his own stunts!  T-Mobile.

Axe Peace.   interesting.  but...

bear in a country store. Chobani.  hmm.
This quarter sponsored by Bud, so there will probably a Clydesdale ad soon.
Okay... here it is... the bizarre Kia Matrix ad.  I saw this earlier this week.  That's Turandot being sung.    The special effects are a dime-a-dozen.  Nothing like The Matrix.   meh.  What's the message?

Sprint.  ten people on the plan.  Band version.  Family version shown twice earlier.

If you're happy and you know it.  Heinz.  cute.  With a fart joke?
Bruce Willis.  HA!  Car safety.  Honda.  Fred.  Almost as awesome as Gwen!

Secret homecoming.  Budweiser.  Nice idea.  But the Canadian Hockey ad is still better.  It doesn't pull the heartstrings.
America.  True Cool.  legacy.  Detroit.  Bob Dylan.  um... I think Germany might have something to say about all this. Chrysler.
Local ads:
We can fix this.  NFL.  meh.
Toyota highlander.  BORING!  
Vampire.  TimeWarner cable.  Future is coming.  Meh.
End of Third Quarter.  36-8

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Halftime

(This is the Host Committee logo.  The official NFL logo is the Lombardi Trophy with a local skyline behind, and the title below.)
Cure Auto Insurance.  Omaha!  meh.  local ad?

Vikings.  History Channel.

Bud Light Platinum.  yawn.

FiOS Quantum.  Ella Zander.  cute.   heh.  Doing the Sherman trash talk.  not bad...  15 second each?
Jeep halftime report.

Resless many...  Jeep.  Mostly men in this commercial.  Jeep Cherokee.
Seinfeld.  What?  Comedians in cars getting coffee.
Fox ads.
Nice intro to the Halftime show, with the landscape.  Nice lighting!  Have no idea Who Bruno Mars is.

wow.  Great drumming!    Motown style with Police sound.
I look down to post to Facebook.
I look up, and there are shirtless hooligans.  Wha happen?
Do they know it's the tenth anniversary of the "wardrobe malfunction"?
Fox house ad.
Dunkin Donuts
GoPro ad...  effective.

This was once my street.  Main Street.  Alex and ani?  huh?

mobile phone 1973. Mazda 3.   does it communicate the message?
Dunkin Donut.  "I love you".   meh

Jerry Ricecake.  NFL draft ad.  ha. 

Scientology ad.  Really?  So next year, expect all sorts of religious ads?

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Second Quarter

(Yes, this was a real comic book!  Full info and sample pages can be found here!)
Bud Light aluminum bottle.  So?  Who reseals a bottle of beer?  You gonna drink it later?

Tim Tebow "Without a Contract"   T-Mobile.  Nice.  Love the various "jobs"!

"you can't do that"  Weather Tech.  Nice.

Paramount.  Transformers.  *sigh*  dinosaurs?
VW  great!

Colbert pistachios
H+M    nice.    Wait...  GoDaddy can't show nudity, but H+M can? 
pistachios redux.  GREAT!

Spider-man 2   meh.
Car max  bear?   Slow clap.
Geico.  DMV.  heh.

M&Ms.  ew.

Two-minute warning...

America  in multiple languages...  Coca-Cola.    *sniffle*

Repeat ad from...  Sonos.

and what was that...  I blinked?
Muppets Toyota.  Highlander.  Nice music video.

Fritos Subway.  how many calories?  Fritos Chicken Enchillada.
22-0 Seahawks

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: First Quarter

(Rocky Mountain News' Drew Litton posts an editorial here about the importance of newspapers.)
(oops... not a good way to start the game...)
Hidden camera bud light  Ian rappaport...  hmmm.... to be continued?

World is full of giants,,,  Godzilla?  Ghibli Maserati?  A good ad, well written, intriguing.
Doritos time machine!  HA!

Chevy truck "most eligible bachelor".   HA!

Movie...  Need for Speed.  yawn...

National Holiday....  Prom... hahahahaah  TurboTax holiday.

Still not feeling "The Strain".
But "Noah as action hero" is intriguing.  (That was in the pregame.)
Bud light continues...   llama!  ha!  Don Cheadle.  "...under the weather."  twins...  Tiny tennis.  Lilli.  Arnold Schwarzenegger in a wig.  Wow.  amazing.

animals.  weird.    Goldilocks.    beats music.    AT&T.  Ellen DeGeneres.  heh.
U2.  Nice cinematography.  Red.  Bank of America.

Bodyguard.  "save the day.  Hyundai Genesis.

Historic sands...  daytona 500.  meh.

NFL Now.  okay...
Cheerios.  Mixed-family.  Baby brother.  and a puppy.  hee.

okay... weird...  wtf.    what the web will be  squarespace.   hmmm

radio shack.  the 80s called!   hahahahaha!  holy shit....   I recognize all of those people!   AWESOME!  Totally Awesome!

8-0 Seattle quarter over.

Chevy.  World Cancer Day.   *sniffle*

GoDaddy!  Yes, Gwen!  Live on TV!

Not the ad...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  hmm.
COSMOS!  woo hoo!

Accord Sport.  meh.

Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials: Pregame

I like the Audi tow truck ad...  A nice twist on the trope!

Mountain Dew Kickstart is nice to watch.  I don't know if it sells the product... but it probably doesn't need to do much... just let those who use those drinks or are Mountain Dew consumers know it exists.


"Muppets Most Wanted" are sponsoring the Pregame!  That's a lot of ads?
(Nope, just two.)

Ha!  Diet Mountain Dew duck call!

McDonald's!  Using the YouTube lip reading meme!

Love the Muppet Most Wanted Twitter ad!


What THE F!   Declaration of Independence reading?  Okay... everyone... listen up, and revolt!   HHAHAHAH!  are they serious  Is that Martin Sheen?  hahahaha...  I'm sorry...  this is cheesy...


Nice way of promoting A Million Ways To Die... using Ted!

Now Ford is sponsoring the pre-Kick.  (Seriously?  Pre-game, then pre-kick?  How many more slicing and dicing of the game can be done?)


America the Beautiful?  *sigh*  I wonder if Queen Latifah will be singing all of the lyrics?  Nope.  Here's my favorite version:

Ooh.... captain America special look!  Lots of eye candy!

MetLife Peanuts... ?  Not feeling it.  "Game On"?  

NFL Play 60...  cute!


Yay!  Rene Fleming!  An opera star!


Nice job with the Ford Fusion "Twice the fuel economy".

And there's the kick off!  See you on the next post!


Howdy!  I'll be liveblogging the Super Bowl Exlivy (XLVII) ads starting in a few hours, so I hope you'll come join the party!

It will be on the fly, typing during the game, inbetween the commercial breaks, so it might be a bit brief.  Also, this is being typed on a Macintosh from 2006, so please be patient.

If time permits, I'll try and add more nuanced analysis.  I'll definitely tag those deemed memorable and worthy, and do a post-game "Best Of" anthology!

Ready?  Omaha!